Top 10 Social Media Day Events in 2017

Do you know what today is?  If you’re into business, marketing and especially social media then you probably know that since 2010, June 30th is Social Media Day. This was started by as a way to celebrate social media’s impact on Global Communication and is now celebrated world over. This is our top 10 Social Media Day events of 2017.



Mashable has been doing some event coordinating through their website at Social Media Day Hub. What is great about this page is that it does a great job with letting you browse through the many registered different events. The downside is that not every Social Media Day event is listed. This may be in part due to the $100 application fee associated with being listed by Mashable.

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Here is a list of some of the popular Social Media Day events (alphabetically listed)

austinAustin Texas will host its own Social Media Day to celebrate the technologies that enable us to connect across the world. Event speakers will Lani Rosales, Scott Carson, Alicia Dean, Lindsay Marder, Jane Hervey, Chelsea Collier and Jane Ko along with panelists make for a great event all around. Additionally, parts of this event will be broadcast on Facebook Live This year’s event was organized by the team at Serving Social.

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The official Social Media Day Chicago event Is being held on Chicago’s River North Area on Friday June 30th at 8 a.m. The beautiful co-working space provided by Space by Doejo Is the perfect place to bring together some of the best minds in social media In the Chicago area.
Speakers include Dan Gingiss, Podcaster & Social Customer Service Guru, Elly Deutch, Global Social Campaign & Advocacy Manager at McDonald’s, Jason Baumann, Chief Digital Strategist at Boxless, Mana Ionescu, President at Lightspan Digital, and Chris Davis Dir. of Ed., ActiveCampaign.

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Social Media Day Denver is a premier event that has an amazing line-up of some of the most recognized names in social media including Joel Comm, Kim Garst, Ray Edwards, Michael O’Neal, Andrea Vahl, and Keynote Bryan Kramer! The whole day is filled with fun, information, and is a great chance to meet the speakers in person. There will also be a special edition podcast with Mia Voss and Courtney Smith Kramer. The event was wonderfully organized by Erin Cell of Socially Powered and hosted at the Fieldhouse just outside of Denver, CO.

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Join the Social Media Association of Michigan for the 8th Annual Social Media Day. They’re bringing together great speakers such as Amber Beard, Social Media Recruiting Strategist for Quicken Loans, Michelle Gilbert Executive from Comcast Heartland Region, Eric Thomas Sr. partner at Saga Marketing, Nikki Little Social Media Dir. at Identity. and Keynote Jason Falls founder of social media Explorer and conversation Research Institute.
Afterglow is the networking event following the day’s event presentations at the Atheneum Suite Hotel. The whole day should be

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Welcome to Houston’s only Social Media Conference. This event has a wonderful line-up of speakers highlighted here are Kristy Gillentine, Ryan Daly, Dawniel Winningham, Lisa Stauber, Bobbie Byrd and and Keynote speaker Dayna Steele. Topics of the day include livestreaming, influencer marketing, email and social media, and social customer service. The event finishes on with a chance to connect and network with attendees and speakers.

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New York
Another great social media Day event hosted by The Content Funnel in New York City. This event being sponsored by GrubHub Comedy Central to name a few it specifically geared to help discover the newest Digital Trends in marketing. whether you’re an experienced executive to a social-media newbie this is a great event to attend. The agenda includes topics such as The power of storytelling, Integrating online customer feedback, and They “how to” for social media analytics to name a few of the speaker sessions.
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This is the first 1st official Social Media Day event in Orlando, FL. This will be a full day conference in the heart of downtown Orlando. This year’s event will focus on digital storytelling via social platforms and the use of bots to promote your business. Congratulations to event sponsor at NSG Consulting for organizing this event.

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Social Media Day Philadelphia is an excellent event in a great city providing top notch professionals from Reebok, Bitly, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mashable and more. This event is loaded with a variety of speakers, breakout events, demonstrations, and sponsored network events all geared towards bringing digital media professionals together. Presented by Slice Communications and Comcast the event is at the beautiful National Museum of American Jewish History in downtown Philadelphia.

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San Diego
This is one of the premier events to attend for Social Media Day 2017. If San Diego wasn’t a nice enough place to visit in the first place, the speakers line up is one get excited about. Starting out with keynote speaker Pat Flynn and continuing on throughout the day with Maruc Sheridan, Sue B Zimmerman, Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Dennis Yu, Mitch Jackson, Owen Hemsath, Mariana Cimino, Josh Hager, and Azriel Ratz. The event is held at the Bahia Resort Hotel and the also includes Party & Boat Cruise.

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This is a great event the takes a different approach to “what everyone else is doing”. This is event includes featured bloggers that drive around Tampa in VW Beetles to snap, post and compete in challenges all leading up to the main event. Additionally there are raffles to raise funds for local charity Gasparilla Music Fest  that celebrates the area’s music scene. This is definitely a fun event organized by GreenBarLabs and definitely makes this year a fun year for social media.

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Regardless of where you spend your Social Media Day, make you have fun and share!

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